Join The Competition


If you want to join a STEM Association competition you need to register for the events in your country. Our national organizers are responsible for the national stage of the competition. They will organize events on regional and national level. The winning teams from each country can qualify for an international event.

You can see if your country participates in STEM Association on our world map. There you will find the contact details of the national organizer in your country.

Please note that not all categories and age groups are offered in all countries.



Do you want to help give young people in your country an unforgettable experience? Contact the national organizer in your country to see in which way you can help out!

Go to our world map to find the organizer in your country.



At STEM Association, our basic philosophy is to welcome all countries interested in joining our global community. The STEM Association program can be easily adapted to the situation in a country.

If you are confident that your organization would be a good match to start a STEM Association competition in your country, please contact us at
We would love to tell you more about the opportunities and requirements!

The basic requirements for a national organizer are that they

  • are (linked to) a known and reputable institution in the country.
  • are ready to fund and organize the national STEM Association tournament.
  • have ambitions to grow the competition and the required resources to achieve this.

  • have experience with robots in education and events for children and young people.